The Perfect Coach.

Would You Let Someone Who Had Never Played The Sport
Tell You How to Run Your Game?

The first coach for many athletes came in the form of a father, favorite uncle, or neighborhood aficionado for your sport of choice. While this might have been the perfect fit for the beginning stages of a budding athletic career, each progression to the next level likely reduced the ability of this familiar face to stay on the sidelines as your coach or trainer. To get to the professional level, a professional guide is usually an important piece of the puzzle. True on the field and certainly true off the field as well when it comes to managing your money.

Would you accept sporting advice from someone who had never played your sport? Well, why would you accept financial advice from someone not professionally qualified as a financial advisor? Athletes are quick to make sure they have the best trainers, coaches, and doctors in their corner in order to support the longest and healthiest career possible, but fail to apply the same commitment when considering a financial management team.

Separating the line between your personal support team and your financial planning team is an important distinction. The root of many poor financial decisions that athletes make when they come into the instant wealth that often accompanies a professional sports contract are a direct result of bad advice. A best friend or family member might have the best of intentions, but if they are not qualified to manage money it makes it hard to make the best decisions for your future.

A financial advisor is your money coach, but also a person that will ensure your best interests are the priority whether the conversation is regarding your childhood best friend’s new business idea that they want you to consider as an investment, or if it is dialoguing with your agent about your next contract.

Our team applies the Modern Portfolio Theory with all of our clients as we engage in a careful examination of the expected return and risk of each investment opportunity on behalf of all of our clients. This allows us to create a custom asset allocation that is working for you years after your playing days are over.

While our commitment to client services is intimate in its approach, our access and alliances with some of the industry providers of the best financial products in the market allow us to assure you that you have accessed to the widest range of investment options that exist in the global market.

Settling for less on the field may cost you success in your sport. Settling for less in a financial planner may cost you everything. We at PIMS work with you to make sure that is not an option.