Investment Philosophy

Professional Investment Management Services (PIMS) subscribes to the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), which suggests that broad portfolio diversification can help to maximize returns and minimize volatility. This can be accomplished by investing across multiple asset classes, particularly asset classes that do not have a high correlation with one another. Based on these assumptions, MPT suggests that an “optimal” portfolio can be constructed for any given level of expected return and risk, commonly referred to as the “Efficient Frontier.”

At PIMS, we’ll work with you to build advanced investment allocation strategies that are tailored to your customized portfolio. Our investment philosophy is grounded in the following beliefs:

We believe in putting clients first. We do not recommend investment strategies without first understanding your complete financial picture.

We believe in independent thinking. Our approach avoids following trends in the market; we’ve found that the most popular investment strategies rarely produce superior returns in the long term.

We believe risk is just as important to the conversation as return. We seek to preserve capital under all market conditions by balancing return potential and underlying risk.

We believe in looking beyond the numbers. We select investment managers based on more than just past returns; we consider the strength of each organization and their team.

We believe in clarity. We only use investment strategies that have a coherent thesis and a clear rationale. If we can’t understand it, then we can’t recommend it.