Our Process

At the core of our approach is a proven, five-step process that is designed to understand your unique investment needs and implement an investment plan that promotes consistency through changing market cycles.

  1. Review Your Financial Situation & Goals
    We’ll start by reviewing all aspects of your personal financial situation and clarifying your investment objectives, time horizon and risk preferences.
  2. Develop an Investment Strategy
    Using the principles of asset allocation, we’ll identify the mix of financial assets that is best-suited to your particular return expectations and risk tolerance.
  3. Selection & Management
    After determining your asset allocation, we’ll select from individual securities and/or leading investment managers. As an independent advisory firm, we’re objective in managing your investments without conflicts of interest or an obligation to use certain products—our focus is on achieving your specific goals.
  4. Ongoing Monitoring & Rebalancing
    We’ll continually monitor your asset allocation and rebalance accordingly, and we’ll report investment performance quarterly relative to established benchmarks. We offer periodic, face-to-face investment meetings to review the progress of your investment plan and make adjustments as needed.

To start the process of developing and implementing your personalized investment plan, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.