Financial Fulfillment

Retirement & Investment Planning

At Professional Investment Management Services (PIMS), we’ll work with you to develop a true “life plan” that offers you the best opportunity for financial success and personal fulfillment today, tomorrow, and throughout your retirement.

Your life plan is more than a retirement plan or a portfolio of investments. It focuses on enhancing and preserving your wealth while also helping you achieve clarity regarding your investments, finances, and all the pieces of your financial life.

At PIMS, our clients understand that managing their investments and retirement income is more complex and time-consuming than ever before. They also recognize the importance of working with investment professionals who specialize in providing them with a level of security and assurance.

In addition to helping you manage your investments, accumulate and preserve your wealth, and plan for your retirement, our other key role is to coordinate our planning with experts in other areas, including legal, tax, and insurance professionals.

As an independent financial advisory firm, PIMS is guided by the highest fiduciary principles—an approach that puts our client’s needs first. We believe that our clients and their families deserve the care and guidance that can only be offered through a lasting partnership. Our goal at PIMS is to remove the mystery from investing, to help you manage risk, prepare for retirement, and ultimately preserve your assets in retirement. By helping you attain the guidance and information you need to meet your financial goal, we hope to establish a long, rewarding relationship that is based on trust.

The first step is to meet with a knowledgeable, qualified PIMS financial advisor. Contact us today to discuss your financial planning needs.